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The system supports a range of tasks from simple short-text questions through to students building their own sophisticated websites, all within a consistent and very simple framework. Our immediate focus is on the requirements of the DiDA eportfolio and of the Paperless School portfolio, but these are just two out of many possible configurations. Here are the key elements:

Each portfolio consists of a set of Cards. A card may contain

  • a question placed by the author of the task (not the teacher or student)
  • a title
  • text which may be plain text or HTML
  • one or more uploaded files.

The student's options can be variously constrained. They may or may not be permitted to:

  • upload files (this includes restricting upload to certain types or sizes)
  • use HTML (this may be switched on by the teacher at a certain point)
  • create new cards of their own.

Teachers can add comments to each Card at any time.

When a portfolio is finished it may be permanently locked for moderation or it may be saved to a standalone website on CD-ROM.